Friday, December 7

World Vision

We had a great time at the concert last night. Jars of Clay and Third Day both put on a good show. I have to say, my favorite part of the concert was when they came out together for the encore and sang some of each others songs. That was really cool.

It was also fun to help out World Vision. One of the things I love about World Vision is that they have options besides just sponsoring children. They have some very cool options for one-time gifts. Rather than just giving money to the organization, you can buy specific things for the children and families that they are working with. For example you can buy a dairy goat that a family can use for food, or an alpaca that they can use for wool. Or maybe you would prefer to buy a fishing kit so people can catch their own food or school supplies to increase educational opportunities. I encourage you to look at the gift catalog and consider giving a gift to an impoverished family this Christmas.

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