Saturday, December 8

Blood:Water Mission

Jars of Clay has started its own charity. Blood:Water Mission is very cool. One of the major problems throughout much of Africa is lack of clean water. In many villages, people (typically women or children) have to walk long distances to get water. In some cases, these women and children spend literally all day walking back and forth between the village and the water source. As a result, these women don't have the opportunity to do things to support their families, and the children lose out on what educational opportunities might be available. So the lack of water actually helps keep people in poverty. Additionally, in some cases even this distant water is not clean, which can lead to serious health problem. Blood:Water Mission exists to build wells in these villages. Creating a well, and a clean water source, in a village can completely turn around the lives of the people who live there. What a great, practical way to demonstrate the love of Jesus to people.

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