Thursday, December 13

Avoid Death

I have always found warning labels to be both hilarious and sad. I think they are hilarious because they so often warn about ridiculous things. I think they are sad because people actually need to be warned about these things. You wouldn't have to warn about these things if people weren't actually doing them. It's also sad because people who do stupid things are so quick to sue the makers of products.

The Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch has created a Wacky Warning Labels website dedicated to this silly warning signs. The warning to "Avoid Death" (shown on the left) was chosen as this year's "Most Obvious" warning label. Other finalists included an iron-on t-shirt transfer that warned "do not wear shirt while ironing," and a letter opener that included a warning stating "Caution: safety goggles recommended."

Can you imagine, needing to wear safety goggles while opening your mail? You can see all of this year's finalists here, and last year's finalists here. Some of my other favorites include a lottery ticket that says "Do Not Iron" and a warning not to use a telephone book while driving. Unreal.

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