Monday, November 19

Sunday Night

Anybody who says that the Bible is boring simply hasn't seen Marquis Laughlin. He was tonight's speaker, although he didn't come to deliver a message. Marquis has 9 books of the Bible memorized, and he recites them in dramatic fashion. He makes it sound like a story, as a storyteller might relate it. He turns makes conversations between people sound like they might have in real life. It was absolutely amazing. If you ever get the chance to see him perform, take it.

The Skit Guys performed as well. We saw them in both the General Session and in a full show after hours. I have to be honest. I haven't always been the biggest fan of the Skit Guys. At least part of that is that many of their skits are a little sophomoric for my tastes. Now, that's fine for their ministry, because they often perform for teenagers. Sophomoric humor is appropriate for that setting. It just isn't what I personally enjoy. Tonight, however, they did lots of improv. I love improv. And even more than that, I love when good improv comedians spend their time trying to get the other one to laugh. And that's what was going on tonight, both times we saw them. It was fantastic. A couple of times I laughed so hard I cried.

Casting Crowns
was supposed to play tonight, but had to cancel. Something about having to play at the American Music Awards.

The worship leader tonight was Steve Fee. All of his songs were new to me, but they were good. It was a good time of worship. There was one thing that really disappointed me, however. At the very end of the set, he ran off the stage, and his band did a big, drum heavy rock solo. It sounded like the end of a rock show where the band is essentially saying "we were awesome." About the only thing missing was somebody from the band screaming "Goodnight Atlanta!" Andy and I were talking about it later. For all of the other worship bands that have played this weekend, the ending message was "God is awesome." This time, we felt like the ending message was "We were awesome." I felt like it cheapened the experience. It was enough to make me wish that it was a different worship band playing at the final session tomorrow morning.

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