Sunday, November 18

I love David Crowder

If you have never had the opportunity to experience the David Crowder Band in person, I strongly encourage you to find the opportunity. He is absolutely fantastic. There are lots of very good worship leaders out there. We've seen several others at this conference. But to me, David Crowder tops the list.

Here's why: nobody else has as much fun in worship as he does. Not only does he create an atmosphere where you can truly connect with God, you also have a real sense of having a good time while you are doing it. I have serious times with my wife, my friends and my family. But I also have lots of fun times, as well. Why should it be any different with God? He tells us that we are his friends. If that's the case, then at least some of the time we should be having fun together, since that is part of what friends do.

I also went to hear Phyllis Tickle talk again. I'd listen to her any time. Today, she added some substance to what she was talking about last night. She talked about several ancient practices - the tithe, communion, fasting, fixed hour prayers, keeping the sabbath, the liturgical calendar, and pilgrimage. She talked about these some of the ancient practices that are resonating with people who are identifying with emerging culture. This seems to be especially true for people who come from less liturgical (or non-liturgical) backgrounds. One difference in the way they are being used (and it probably should be a change from times past) is that even people who use these practices are not seeing them as requirements. If they are something that works for you, and draws you closer to God, then by all means use them. On the other hand, if they are not having these positive effects, or if they are becoming a performance-based, legalistic element of your life, then by all means don't use them.

One again this weekend, I've been given something to really think about. I have the feeling that I'm going to spend a lot of time in the upcoming weeks just thinking.

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