Wednesday, February 22

Viva la Revolucion!

We often forget that Jesus was a Revolutionary.

Today, the church is often viewed by people on the outside as a bastion for conservativism, and being resistant to change. Try to do something new, particularly if it is an attempt to involve current culture, and you will likely be met with skepticism or outright opposition.

How much things have changed! The message of Jesus was revolutionary. He completely upset the establishment's view of what a religious person do, and who the Messiah should be. Jesus wasn't killed because he was too gentle. The Pharisees wanted him dead because his message was too radical. The message of Jesus, when proclaimed by his followers, should be just as revolutionary. In the book of Acts, Paul and Silas visited Thessalonica. The Jews in that city described Paul and Silas by saying "These men who have caused trouble all over the world have now come here." Acts 17:8.

Not so today. In fact, the thought of Jesus as a revolutionary is enough to stop someone in their tracks. The two posters shown here relied on that fact. These posters challenge the typical thinking about Christ. Designed by the Churches Advertising Network in the United Kingdom, these posters are supposed to make you think about how Jesus, and his message of love, hope and forgiveness, are still revolutionary today.

If nothing else, the posters make you think, and lead you to talk about it. What do they make you think? What impressions do you get? What would you tell someone else about them?

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TheBGRT said...

Communist China, and Revolutionist South America!!! They bring about shock value, which I think is part of the idea they had when they made the posters.