Sunday, February 26

The God of Play

God is the ultimate creative force. If you believe that God created the world, then someplace in the back of your mind, you are aware that God is creative. But it sometimes seems like the presentation is that God created things for six days, then He was done. He stopped being creative.

How not true. Look at the sky at sunset. Look at the leaves on the trees in the fall. Listen to the symphony of nature while walking on a summer evening. Watch the brilliat colors and motion while snorkeling in a tropical reef. God does creative things every day.

He also created play. The sense of fun that you experience when you are playing - God created that. We are made in the image of God. If we are creative, it's because God is creative. If we enjoy play, it's because God enjoys play.

Not so sure that God really created play? Look at Job 40:20. It shows that wild animals play. Although it shouldn't take scripture to tell you that wild animals play. Have you ever been to the zoo and watched the baby animals? They play all the time. Psalm 104:26 indicates that some sea animals were created to play in the sea. Other translations say that they were created to frolic or sport in the ocean.

Use the creativity that God has given you. Play. Here are some cool places that you can go play and be creative. Check out Play/Create, Neave, or Odeo. Have fun exercising your imagination and creative spirit.

What does our creativity, and the product of our creation, tell us about our Creator?

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TheBGRT said...

While I have not looked at the links yet, I agree with you on this one Tim. I love play, relaxing, chillin', etc.. In fact I do it so much I think that might be one if not my only Spiritual Gift, lol!!!!