Tuesday, August 5

It's a crime I tell you

According to this article, Reginald Peterson recently walked in to a Jacksonville, Florida, Subway restaurant and ordered a spicy Italian sandwich. The worker preparing his sandwich aparently forgot to include the sauce. Peterson must have thought that this was a crucial part of his sandwich. So he did what anyone in his position would do.

He called 911.

He demanded that officers come to the restaurant and force the workers to make his sandwich correctly. Amazingly, the police did not hurry to Subway to address the situation. So Peterson did what anyone else would do.

He called 911. Again.

This time police did show up. They tried to calm Peterson down and explain the proper use of 911. When that effort failed, Peterson was arrested for making false 911 calls.

I'm not sure which is more incredible to me, the fact that somebody actually thought "I can't believe they messed up my order; I'm going to call the police," or the fact that the police actually showed up.

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