Monday, February 18

In some places, the Patriots were the winners

The Super Bowl ends. The winning team starts celebrating and the players and coaching staffs all get a shirt and hat celebrating their team's achievement. If you stop and think about it, you realize that there has to be another set of gear commemorating the "victory" of the team that just lost. Do you ever wonder what happens to those shirts?

They end up being donated to impoverished communities where people need clothes. For example, according to this article, the NFL had 290 shirts and hats they were ready to be given out to New England Patriot players, coaches, etc. When the Giant's won, and the "Patriots 19-0" gear became unnecessary, the league donated these unused clothes to the impoverished communities of San Gregorio and Buena Vista, Nicaragua.

The NFL used World Vision to arrange the donation, which primarily benefited children. According to a representative of World Vision, the Patriots may have lost, "but the children won."

In a nation where so many usable things simply get thrown away, I think it's pretty cool that the NFL would donate unnecessary clothing to people who really need it.

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