Monday, February 4

Bet you didn't know a french fry is considered a missile

According to this article, three 13-year-old students at Laramie Junior High in Laramie, Wyoming, were cited for "launching missiles" after throwing french fries during their lunch. Apparently, school officials had heard rumors that there was going to be a food fight, so they warned students at an assembly the day before that if they threw food, they would have to suffer the consequences.

Apparently the consequences are receiving an ticket for an adult infraction under the city ordinances and a three-day suspension. While school officials compared to incident to an attempt to start a riot, not everyone agrees. Even the Wyoming director of the ACLU weighed in, calling the citations and suspensions and "overreaction" and saying the the situation "could have been handled differently."

I don't know exactly what the Laramie city council had in mind when it banned "launching missiles," but I'm fairly confident that they weren't thinking about 8th Graders tossing french fries.

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