Friday, February 22

At some point, you just have to take their word for it.

According to this article, Benjamin Lovell from New York City was given access to a $5.8 million bank account that wasn't his. The bank confused Lovell with another man also named Benjamin Lovell. He apparently tried to tell officials at the bank that he didn't have an account with nearly $6 million, but the officials insisted that it was his and that he had the right to withdraw the money.

The investment banker, and real account holder, Benjamin Lovell wasn't so convinced that the other Benjamin Lovell had the right to withdraw the money. The "lesser-funded" Lovell now faces grand larceny charges for the $2 million he took from the account. And he doesn't even have much to show for it. While he spent some of the money on jewelry and cash gifts to friends, much of the money went into bad investments and has been lost, according to prosecutors.

So much for the "bank error in your favor" card from Monopoly. It might end getting you sent to jail.

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