Wednesday, January 2

Boys and School

Not that many years ago, there was serious concern about whether or not we were adequately educating girls in our society. Boys were much more likely to succeed in school and made up a significant majority of college students. As a result, there were significant changes made in the educational system to help girls succeed.

Today, that has completely turned around. Now girls outperform boys in school and are more likely to go to college. Women now make up the majority of college students. As a result, people are beginning to ask whether there is an educational crisis for boys. Here is an article I came across from the New York Times discussing some of the issues and at least some potential solutions for helping boys to better succeed in school. It focuses on the fact that boys aren't as good at multitasking and don't have as good of organizational skills as girls do. It suggests that improving a boy's organizational skills can have a dramatic affect on his success in school. It's interesting reading.

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