Monday, December 24

Your tax money at work

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command is the military organization that has the job of watching for any threat against the United States and Canada that may come from the skies. This includes missiles, jets and spacecraft that are targeted at the North America.

At Christmas, NORAD also tracks Santa's travels around the world. You can see where Santa is right now. The site uses Google maps to show where he is, and puts icons on the places where he has already visited. You can visit links to learn more about the places he has visited, and the site includes some videos of Santa's journey, such as this one of Santa flying past the Great Wall of China. You can even call (877) Hi-NORAD to personally talk to a Santa tracker.

All this, paid for with your tax money. On the other hand, we can probably come up with many more ridiculous ways that the government spends our money...

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