Wednesday, November 21

Cool new fund raiser for Quest

Today we are launching a new fund raiser for Quest. While Andy and I were at the Youth Specialties convention, we met the guys from They have set up a fantastic way to make money that doesn't cost us anything. The have provided us a web page that can be accessed at There will also be links permanently placed here on our site. If you click the link, you will find yourself in an online Christian book and music store, with over 100,000 items. If you buy something, they will donate 10% of the purchase price back to Quest.

You will also see a tab on the top of the page for an "Online Mall." If you click that tab, you will find a page of links to the websites for dozens of stores, including Bust Buy, Office Depot, Walmart, ebay, and iTunes. If you use our portal to go to these stores and do the online shopping you would ordinarily do, a portion of the sales price will be donated back to Quest.

We will also be adding links to "Featured Supporters," who are businesses that support our ministry. For a small annual advertising fee, these businesses can place a link on the page. 1/3 of that fee is also donated back to Quest. If you are interested in becoming a Featured Supporter, let me know. And make sure that you check out our Featured Supporters.

As we come into the Christmas shopping season, I ask that you check out our new store. Just by using our site to buy what you were going to be buying any way can raise money for Quest. Thanks for your help.

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gavin richardson said...

that was one of the few promo talks i actually listened too. it looks pretty cool, i am waiting to have conversations with some of our staff on if this would separate our loyalties from our own publishing partnerships. it is a pretty cool concept for sure, i'll be interested to see how it turns out for you all.