Monday, June 12

Quest Event: Fireworks at Navy Pier

This coming Saturday, June 17, Quest will be going to Chicago for an evening of fun, food and fireworks.

Who: High School seniors and anyone else between 18 and 25.

When: Saturday, June 17. We will be leaving the church at 6:00 p.m. We should be back to the church between 11:30 and Midnight.

What: Dinner, hanging out, and fireworks at Navy Pier.

Why: Because we having done anything to hang out in awhile.

Cost: $2 for gas, plus money for dinner and whatever else you might want to buy.

If you have any questions, call Tim or Cheryl.


lpangelrob said...
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lpangelrob said...

I meant to say... can people outside of Frontline be invited? :-)

Tim Gleason said...

It's a Quest event, so I would suggest keeping it to the 18-25 age range, but beyond that anyone is welcome, whether they are from Quest or Frontline or not.