Thursday, March 23

A different way of life

This has been a busy week. On top of Quest and teaching college classes, I've been trying to get ready to go to Phoenix. We're driving. It's a long trip, but the second half of the drive is fantastic. I'm looking forward to going on a bit of an adventure. But I also wanted to leave you with something to think about before I go.

At Quest on Tueday, among other things, we talked about the rise of a new form of monasticism. It's not the picture you have in your mind of monks in brown robes walking the halls in stone buildings set far away from civilization.

While the more modern form of monasticism is more about living in community and actively showing the love of Jesus. Rather than trying to escape the world so that they could focus on God, as the monks of ages past did, modern practitioners try often try to go to the middle of the poorest areas, so that they can show the love of Jesus to their neighbors.

If you are interested in finding out more about this concept, I recommend checking out The Simple Way or

Remember that Quest will meet at the church next week while Cheryl and I are gone.


ash_loren said...


the simple way?!
the new monasticism?!!!

i really wish i could be home.
Jesus has made changes in me and many others of our immediate church family through shane claiborne (the simple way).

one of the big christian magazines did a huge article on shane and the new monasticism a few months ago. i will try to find it and give ya'll the link.

check out as well. they're friends with the simple way.

ash_loren said...

aaaaaaand here it is.

TheBGRT said...

It sounds like they are getting back to the basics to me. That is a very good thing. I will have to check out the sites and read up on them. I would have to agree that the most effective way to show the love of Christ to the world that does not know Him or care about Him is to be part of the community and simply love and be with the people. In time they will see Christ in us.

ash_loren said...

brian, if you ever make it to denver, check out scum of the earth church. i've not been there yet, but some of the five iron kids helped to start it.

they remind me of communities (and of souled out) in a way because they started with the intent of being Jesus to people who wouldn't necessarily "fit in" in other church settings and stuff.

TheBGRT said...

This is off topic, but how long have you been teaching college and what are you