Thursday, February 16

Coming Events

Friday, March 3.
If you are college aged, or senior in high school, you are invited to joint Quest for a night of pool and shuffleboard at Dave & Buster's in Addison. We'll be there from 7-9 p.m. Bring $5 to chip in for the cost of the tables. It should be a fun night of just hanging out together.

Every Tuesday.
If you are between 18 and 25, join us as we sit around and talk about life - everything from school to relationships to God. Often there's food involved. We meet at Tim & Cheryl's house in Schaumburg every Tuesday night at 7:ish. If you need directions, or any other information, call Living Hope Church.

Memorial Day Weekend.
It's already time to start thinking about The 2nd Annual Almost Impossible Scavenger Hunt. Last year it was 30 hours, 300 items. Last year was easy. This year will include a bigger list, more places to go, and more puzzles. Mark Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-29) on your calendar. There will be enough to keep you busy for the whole weekend, if you want to. Think "Road Trip!" This will be lots of fun. Start putting your teams together. I can't wait.


TheBGRT said...

Sounds like the scavanger hunt is going to be good. I've heard from Robert that it is going to be bigger and better. Although bummer that I shall be absent again. I forget the reason why I wan't there last year, but I have at least a decent "excuse" I mean reason not to be there this year. Love ya'll in the Peace and Grace of God

Tim Gleason said...

Hey BGRT. Welcome to the Quest blog. And congratulations on being the first commenter. Hope you become a regular...

Jennie said...

I believe, BGRT, that your reason was you were "painting" your "dining room." But we all just figured that mean you were "hanging out" with your "girlfriend." =)

lpangelrob said...

Yes. And you know what? We did fine without him. In fact, we got 2nd! Just imagine if we'd actually had him... we might've gotten 3rd.

Okay, I'm done gloating now. :-) Just joking. You know it's in good fun.

TheBGRT said...

Your words pain me Jennie and Robert. I thought we were friends. I am going to go in my room and cry now, well I'll just cry, because I am already in my hoo hoo.... :(